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Integrated Medical Clinic

The Integrated Medical Clinic provides a unique holistic healthcare facility combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine. The clinic is also an Ayurveda medicine school and has the primary goal of enhancing and maintaining health and wellness. A range of packages are provided including detoxification and weight loss programs. In addition there are a range of study programs available covering areas like Ayurvedic Massage and Ayurvedic Studies. They also provide Colon Cleansing services. Costs differ depending on the treatment required. A Cancer Prevention Program costs 60,200 while a Detoxification Program comes in at around 24,000 Baht.

Integrated Medical Clinic
227/124 Banwantan, #5, Soi 3, T. Sanpakwan, A. Hangdong, Chiangmai 50230, Thailand
Dr. Eddy Bettermann M.D. & B.A.M.S.
Mobile. 0898505066 or 0819920149 in Thai: 0816917353
Phone. ( 66)-53-436284
Fax. ( 66)-53-436284
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