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Khantoke Dinners

A very popular activity in Chiang Mai is attending Khantoke Dinners and Cultural Shows. There are a number to choose from and they feature a selection of traditional dances and performances unique to the area. Shows include Fon Lep (or ‘Finger Dancing’), Fon Thean (or ‘Candle Dancing’) and Ram Dab (or ‘Sword Dancing’). While you are watching the performances you eat northern-style Thai food served in a traditional fashion – you sit on the floor and food is served on low tables! The cost of Khantoke Dinners varies but is usually within the 500 Baht to 1,000 Baht a person range. The following is a list of a few places in Chiang Mai where you can experience Khantoke Dinners:
Nakorn Lanna 1296
84 Changklan Road
Tel: (053) 818-428-9, 818-400
Open: 19:00 onwards
Mae Ping Khantoke (Imperial Mae Ping Hotel)
Imperial Mae Ping Hotel
Seedonchai Road
Tel: (053) 283-900
Old Chiangmai Cultural Center
185/3 Wualai Road
Tel: (053) 275-097, 274-540, 202-993-5 
Fax: (053) 274-094
Open: 19:00 to 21:30

Khum Khantoke
Chiangmai Business Park
130 Moo 4
Nong Pakrung
Tel: (053) 304-121-2, 260-504
Fax: (053) 304-123