As archaeological evidence suggests, Phetchaburi province has an ancient history with evidence that the area has been inhabited since the Dvaravati Period. Phetchaburi had key importance during the periods of the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya kingdoms and given its history, the province is awash with remains and artefacts from bygone ages. Many of these items have found their way into the area’s museums which also display valuable works of art. One destination of particular interest to visitors is Cha-am, a resort town that began life as a royal resort and features an excellent beach. Given its close location to Bangkok, Cha-am is a favourite with weekend day-trippers from the capital. The province also houses Thailand’s largest national park - Kaeng Krachan National Park.

Attractions in Phetchaburi

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Cha-Am Beach

Cha-Am Beach is renowned for being the best beach in Phetchaburi. Cha-Am’s fame was established when it’s neighbor Hua Hin became a royal resort and members of the royal family commented that Cha-Am was just as beautiful. As a result, Cha-Am has become a firm favorite with weekend visitors from Bangkok, and is becoming increasingly...


Phra Nakhon Khiri

Phra Nakhon Khiri is a historical park in Phetchaburi, Thailand. Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park is Phetchaburi’s well-known landmark. It is locally known as Khao Wang (Palace Hill). The park consists of three building groups on the 92 meters high hill. On the western peak is the actual palace with adjoining structures. The middle or...


Phraram Ratchaniwet

Built by King Chulachomklao (Rama V), Phraram Ratchaniwet is a royal palace comprising a collection of golden teak buildings joined by a series of elevated walkways. The buildings are European in design and the palace was originally used to accommodate officials on state visits. It underwent a number of transformations along the way and has...


Nam Nao National Park

Opened in 1972, Nam Nao National Park is an average of 800 metres above sea level, covers nearly 1000 square kilometres, and is shared between three provinces (including Loei). The park features sandstone mountains, thick forests and dense vegetation. At 1270 metres Phu Pha Jit is its highest peak. The park is home to a variety of wildlife...


Kaeng Krachan National Park

At 2,915 square kilometres, Kaeng Krachan National Park covers a number of districts and is the largest National Park in Thailand. Thick evergreen forests set against a backdrop of granite and limestone mountains (the highest summit - Pa Nearn Tung Mountain – is over 1,200 meters above sea level) dominate the park. Kaeng Krachan is of...


Kaeng Krachan Reservoir

Kaeng Krachan Reservoir is a central feature of Kaeng Krachan National Park – Thailand’s largest National Park. The park’s numerous streams and outlets were redirected and dam built to block the Phetchaburi River and flood an area of 45 square kilometres with the purpose of supplying farmers in lowland areas with a constant water...

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