Sa Morakot

Sa Morakot (Emerald Pool), located in “Khao Pra-Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary” at Klong Thom District, Krabi. It is the hot spring originated from a warm stream in the lowland forest of Khao Nor Chuchi. The pool is roughly 3.5 Metres deep, 115 metres long, and 214 meteres wide. The radiant water is around 1.2 metres deep. You are allowed to swim in the pool but do not drink or swallow the water. Because of high calcium carbonate in the water, drinking the water can cause a kidney stone.

The color of the water varies according to the light and time of the day. It changes into the emerald color upon the reflections of the sunlight. In order to see the real color of the pool, you should visit the pool at dawn or early in the morning.

There are 3 nature trails to access Sa Morakot. The first is Main Forest Road that is around 800 meters long direct path from the main entrance. It is a short trail for ten minutes. The second is via “Thung Tieo-Sa Morakot”. This one is the best trail for visitors who are nature lovers or bird watchers. However, it is not recommended for elderly or non-adventurous people. The trail is approximately 1,400 meters long. The last is “The Tina Joliffe Nature Trail”. Named after the British naturalist, Mrs. Tina Jolliffe, the trail is around 2.7 kilometer long. It takes about 1-3 hours to access Sa Morakot. It is suitable for visitors who enjoy a forest hiking and a bird watching.

Details: You can visit Sa Morakot all year round. The opening hour is between 08:30 -17:00 everyday. The admission fee is 100 Baht for children and 200 Baht for adults. If you plan to swim there, please bring your own towels and clothes since there is no toilet or changing facilities provided. Please do not bring any food with you when you visit the pool. It is prohibited.

How to get there: From the district office of Klong Thom, drive 18 kilometers along the “4038” road to Lam Hap sub-district. The place is situated in Khao Pra-Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary (Khao Nor Chuchi Lowland Forest at Bang Tieo).