Song Khla is in the south of Thailand bordering the State of Kedah in Malaysia and a gateway for Malaysian and Singaporean tourists. Hat Yai is an important port, the province’s biggest city, the province’s centre for commerce and transportation, and well known as being a great place for shopping. The area has a rich history fuelled by the trade done in these parts and it has a number of historical sites to visit including Wat Chaimongkhon. It also has a great beach in Hat Samila.

Attractions in Songkhla

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Had Yai

Located 1,300 kilometres from Bangkok, Had Yai is Southern Thailand’s commercial hub. Essentially just a large city, being only 50 kilometres from Pedang Besar on the Malaysian border, Hat Yai provides a gateway to Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia. For tourists its importance lies in being a major transition point for travel to a...


Hat Samila (Laem Samila)

Located about 3 kilometres from Songkhla market (Thalat Supsin or Thalat Sot Thetsaban), Hat Samila is pleasantly free of crowds and a joy to amble along. The two islands off this part of the coast (Koh Nu - Mouse Island, Koh Maewo - Cat Island) are depicted in statues located at the north end of the beach. Alongside these statues is another, much...


Wat Chaimongkhon (Wat Chao Phraya Thai)

Known locally as ‘Wat Yai’, Wat Chaimongkhon was built 1357 by King U-Thong. The temple features a central pagoda built by King Naresuan. The pagoda is tall enough to dominate the vicinity’s skyline. Originally constructed at the end of the 16th century, the pagoda was built so tall because King Naresuan wanted the temple to...

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