Surat Thani

Surat Thani Province is home to Koh Samui – an island that has gained a worldwide reputation as for charm and beauty that warrant a traveler’s attention. Samui is idyllic – white-sand beaches, blue water and all the trappings of a Hollywood interpretation of a tropical paradise. Only 21 kilometres at its widest point and 25 kilometres long, Samui offers a series of landscapes including limestone and granite hills, forests, and a coastline fringed with palm trees, beaches and bays. Chaweng and Lamai Beaches on the east coast are renowned for being the best and also offer the most in terms of accommodation, restaurants and nightlife. There are though a number of beaches on the island offering a quieter experience. Surat Thani has a range of other islands to visit, and steeped in history has a variety of historical sites.

Attractions in Surat Thani

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Full Moon Party

Immerse yourself in the electrifying rhythms and pulsating beats of the legendary Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. This once-in-a-lifetime experience draws revelers from around the globe, transforming Haad Rin Beach into a kaleidoscope of neon lights and uninhibited revelry.

Embrace the vibrant atmosphere, dance under the moonlit sky, and create unforgettable memories as you become part of this iconic celebration.


Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is famous for its “Full Moon Party” at Rin Beach. This well-known party is probably the biggest beach party on earth. Koh Phangan has two sister islands: the bigger Koh Samui to the south and the smaller Koh Tao to the north. The busiest time of the island is from November to March and in the month of August. The month of...


Koh Tao

Located in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao is away from the coast of Chumphon province about 74 kilometers, away from the coast of Surat Thani province about 110 kilometers, and away from Koh Samui about 64 kilometers. Known as “Paradise Island” of Thailand, Koh Tao is an island of natural beauty and plenty of both shallow...


Southwest Pinnacle

Divers on Koh Tao favor the Southwest Pinnacle because of the underwater canyons and walls they encounter. The reefs host a wide variety of marine life including porcupiunefish and butterflyfish. In addition, there is the occasional sighting of schools of tuna. The site is around 30 metres deep and not a dive for the beginner - it is tricky enough...


Red Rock (Shark Island)

This is a shallow site which makes it ideal for beginners and snorkelers. There is a gentle slope in the seabed which heads down to a mass of glorious coral. This is another site that offers a host of marine life including turtles and occasional sharks.


Green Rock

The site has a number of caverns and swim-throughs suitable for beginners. There is some excellent coral on show and marine life includes morays and angelfish. Keep an eye out for whitetip reef sharks and large groupers. The boulders on the sea floor make this an ideal site for beginners. It starts at around 4 metres deep and goes down to around 30...


Ao Chaweng

Ao Chaweng features a shallow reef only a short swim from the beach (from Chaweng Garden Restaurant). Visibility is not good but this is an excellent place for training and a spot of snorkeling. There is plenty of marine life in the area. Great for beginners – the dive only goes down 7 metres. There are though strong currents in certain...


Koh Nangyuan

Koh Nangyuan is an incredibly beautiful island near Koh Tao, at the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand. The island situated away from the Surat Thani coast around 120 kilometers. Because of its beautiful scenery of the underwater world, Koh Nangyuan is widely known for its diving spots and great snorkeling beaches. There, you can feed a fish...


Angthong National Park

Angthong National Park is located 20 km west of Koh Samui. It’s a group of 40 islands. Some destination islands include Koh Wua Ta Lap, Koh Mae Koh, Koh Prayat, Koh Sam Sao, Koh Nai Put and h Wua Te. Most islands comprise limestone masses reaching heights of up to 400 meters, and fringed by beaches and rain forest. An emerald saltwater lake...


Santiburi Samui Country Club

The golf course is located along the hills in the North of Koh Samui, lengthwise along the coast with its highest point at 290 meters and lowest point at 30 meters above sea level. It stretches across hilly terrain and slopes deeply down towards the ocean, boasting breathtaking views of the ocean and island. The hills above provide a serene backdrop. Waterfalls and creeks run through the land adding lush, natural beauty. 


Tai Rom Yen National Park

Tai Rom Yen National Park is an area of around 425 square kilometers covering two districts. Such is the density of its forest that the area around Khao Chong Chang Mountain once provided a base for elusive Thailand Communist Party of Thailand at the peak of their activity. The park offers a huge range of plants and wildlife and two major...


Wat Suan Mokkhaphalaram (Wat Suanmok)

Wat Suan Mokkhaphalaram (or Wat Suanmok for short) is a temple set in a forest. Apart from its splendid setting, the temple itself is somewhat ordinary, aside from its extraordinary history. It was founded by Thailand’s most famous monk, Ajarn Bhikkhu Buddhadhasa. Ajarn Bhikkhu professed a Buddhism stripped of the mysticism and magical...


Five Islands

This is not a great site for just diving, but with what’s going on around it there’s quite a good package! Locals collect swiftlet bird’s nests around here – the key ingredient of Bird’s Nest Soup. In the time honored tradition, collectors clamber up bamboo frames to collect the nests. As far as the diving is...

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