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Thailand's islands and beaches attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, thanks to the country's natural beauty. The islands are renowned for their breathtaking scenery, while the beaches boast pristine sands and crystal-clear waters. Each island has a distinct character, catering to various preferences-from those seeking adventurous 'back to basics' experiences to others desiring world-class facilities for a more luxurious getaway. It's essential to recognize the diversity not only between islands but also among beaches. Some offer lively entertainment, while nearby ones provide a tranquil escape. Planning your journey is key to discovering the richness of Thailand's coastal treasures.

Beach and Island in Thailand

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Phi Phi Islands

Krabi Must See

Had Nopparat Tara - Koh Phi Phi National Park is almost entirely dominated by the two Islands collectively known as ‘Koh Phi Phi’ - Koh Phi Phi Don (the larger of the two islands) and Koh Phi Phi Leh. Situated about 50 kilometers southeast of Phuket the islands are regarded by many as being the most attractive in the kingdom, if not the...


Maya Bay

Krabi Must See

Maya Bay is a stunningly beautiful bay located on Phi Phi Island. Surrounded by steep limestone cliffs, Maya Bay has several beaches leading down to an amazing turquoise color water. The main one is around 200 meter wide white sandy beach. Snorkeling and diving are highly recommended activities when you visit Maya Bay. It is a spectacular place to...


Surin Islands

Phang-Nga Must See

Surin Islands National Park is known for the beautiful reefs, white sand beaches and crystal clear water. There are five islands that make up the Surin Islands named Koh Surin Nua, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Ri, Koh Kai, and Koh Klang. The two main islands in the group are Koh Surin Nua (Northern Surin Island) and Koh Surin Tai (Southern Surin Island)....


Koh Tao

Surat Thani Must See

Located in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao is away from the coast of Chumphon province about 74 kilometers, away from the coast of Surat Thani province about 110 kilometers, and away from Koh Samui about 64 kilometers. Known as “Paradise Island” of Thailand, Koh Tao is an island of natural beauty and plenty of both shallow...


Koh Chang

Trat Must See

Koh Chang is the focal point of Koh Chang National Marine Park in Trat province. Koh Chang is the largest of the 52 islands in Koh Chang National Marine Park and the second-largest island in Thailand. Most of the island is rainforest and it features a range of hills, the highest (Khao Jom Prasat) nearly 800 meters high. The result is a very...


James Bond Island

Phang-Nga Must See

What does it take to put a tourist destination on the international map? Great beaches, crystal clear water, clement weather? Not really You are certainly best off trying to get it into a James Bond movie! The 1974 film ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ is remembered for three things; a gun (made up of gold jewellery), an arch villain...


Patong Beach

Phuket Must See

Patong Beach is simply where Phuket’s action is! It’s by far the most frequented destination on Phuket and has just about everything a tourist could desire – it is therefore Phuket’s most developed beach! Located 15 kilometers to the west of Phuket town, this 3-kilometer-long white sand beach is jam packed with hotels,...


Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Must See

Pattaya Beach is parallel to city center. The beach stretches over 4 kilometers. Pattaya Beach is divided into 3 main zones-North, Central, and South Pattaya. The most peaceful beach is North Pattaya. Along the beach, there are superb hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls. Central and South Pattaya offer you various kinds of entertainments. Beer...


Koh Nangyuan

Surat Thani Must See

Koh Nangyuan is an incredibly beautiful island near Koh Tao, at the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand. The island situated away from the Surat Thani coast around 120 kilometers. Because of its beautiful scenery of the underwater world, Koh Nangyuan is widely known for its diving spots and great snorkeling beaches. There, you can feed a fish...


Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin Must See

Hua Hin Beach is the focal point of Hua Hin – Thailand’s first beach resort.  Hua Hin Beach is a white sandy beach that stretches along the gulf of Thailand for about six kilometers. The beach features a particularly good sunrise view. Dotted along the beach are some great restaurants where you can enjoy local seafood, and...


Cha-Am Beach

Phetchaburi Must See

Cha-Am Beach is renowned for being the best beach in Phetchaburi. Cha-Am’s fame was established when it’s neighbor Hua Hin became a royal resort and members of the royal family commented that Cha-Am was just as beautiful. As a result, Cha-Am has become a firm favorite with weekend visitors from Bangkok, and is becoming increasingly...


Similan Islands

Phang-Nga Must See

Similan is a paradise on earth. It’s probably the most beautiful beach and island destination in Thailand. Tourists enjoy truly crystal clear water and powdery white sand beach. The waters around Similan offer up to 30 meters visibility, and there is a lot to see beneath the waves. Similan is the world’s famous diving site. Aside from...


Hin Ta Hin Yai

Koh Samui Must See

Hin Ta and Hin Yai are natural rocks shaped by wind and water for millions of years. Strangely it is now shape like human sex organs. It is located at Lamai Beach in Koh Samui. The name means grandfather and grandmother rocks in Thai. There are local tales which told once upon a time there were an elder couple, Ta Kang and Yai Riam which were Pak...


Koh Samet

Rayong Must See

Koh Samet is one of Thailand’s nicest islands. It is famous for its beauty and location – near enough to Bangkok to be a popular destination for weekend trips and far enough away from the capital to offer foreign tourists a chance to get away from it all. Koh Samet is part of the Khao-Laem-Yah Koh Samet National Park and as result...


Chaweng Beach

Koh Samui Must See

Chaweng Beach is the most famous and longest beach of Koh Samui. It is located on the east side of the island. The beach is approximately 7 kilometers long, with powdery white sand and sparkling clear water. This beautiful beach is filled up with tourists swimming and sunbathing on a daily basis.


Ao Nang

Krabi Must See

Originally a fishing village, Ao Nang is now a major city beach resort and a travel destination in its own right catering for the full range of foreign tourists. Ao Nang’s chief feature is a long white sand beach set against crystal clear water, but people also come here for a full range of activities such as diving, kayaking and trekking....


Bang Saen Beach

Chonburi Must See

Bang Saen is a well-known holiday beach only 13 kilometers from the city of Chonburi. Bang Saen has a lot of restaurants and bars and relaxed atmosphere places. Local vendors sell fruit, snacks and seafood, such as mussels, squid, and rent chairs, multicolored umbrellas. Inexpensive accommodations can be found at Bang Saen Beach. The nightlife in...


Hat Mae Ramphueng

Rayong Must See

Hat Mae Ramphueng is one of Rayong’s better known attractions, a huge expanse of beach stretching 12 kilometres along the coast with a real, live fishing village marking where the beach finishes. A number of swimming-related deaths are recorded each year, to some extent the cause remains a mystery. It is really not advisable to swim too far...


Hat Samila (Laem Samila)

Songkhla Must See

Located about 3 kilometres from Songkhla market (Thalat Supsin or Thalat Sot Thetsaban), Hat Samila is pleasantly free of crowds and a joy to amble along. The two islands off this part of the coast (Koh Nu - Mouse Island, Koh Maewo - Cat Island) are depicted in statues located at the north end of the beach. Alongside these statues is another, much...


Jomtien Beach

Pattaya Must See

Featuring a long straight coastline and long white sand beach, Jomtien Beach is located around 2 kilometers from its less salubrious neighbor - Pattaya Beach. Whereas Pattaya Beach is more geared for the party animal, Jomtien Beach has carved a niche as a more ‘family-friendly’ environment. Like other beaches in Pattaya, Jomtien Beach...


Khao Lak

Phang-Nga Must See

Khao Lak (Hat Khaolak) has for a number of years been a popular destination for visitors to Thailand and its popularity grows annually. Like many of the kingdom’s beach destinations, the area features beautiful white sands and crystal clear water. Although Khao Lak was one of the worst hit areas in the 2004 tsunami, a massive relief operation...


Koh Hong

Krabi Must See

Koh Hong (Room Island) is part of a group of islands one hour north of Krabi. Koh Hong has only one beach - Pelay Beach - but it is recognized for being extremely beautiful, boasting fine white sand, coral and lots of varieties of tropical fish. Pelay Beach is framed by limestone rock formations which give it an enclosed feel. Coupled with the fact...


Koh Kood

Trat Must See

Koh Kood is the second-largest island in the Koh Chang National Marine Park (around 130 square kilomtres), furthest from the mainland, and certainly one of the nicest islands in the group. Koh Kood offers some excellent views; coconut groves, rubber plantations, exquisite beaches, and it also has a number of beautiful waterfalls (3-tier Klong Jao...


Koh Lanta

Krabi Must See

Koh Lanta archipelago consists of 52 islands, of which only 12 are occupied. Of these there are two Koh Lanta Islands - Koh Lanta Yai and Koh Lanta Noi. Koh Lanta Yai is probably the only island in the group to offer proper accommodation for tourists and over the last number of years it has changed from a remote island inhabited by Muslim fisherman...


Koh Man Island Group of Islands

Rayong Must See

The Koh Man Island group comprises three islands: Koh Man Nai, Koh Man Klang and Koh Man Nok. These tiny islands remain pristine and have excellent coral reefs. Koh Man Nai (the smallest of the islands) has a single beach and is only 100 metres across. It is not possible to stay overnight on Koh Man Nai because camping is prohibited and there is no...


Koh Ngai (Koh Hai)

Trang Must See

Located 13 kilometers south of Koh Lanta, Koh Ngai is one of the Koh Lanta group of islands that make up the Koh Lanta National Marine Park. A small, triangular island, less than 5 square kilometers in size, Koh Ngai (also known as Koh Hai) has a forested interior and offers white-sand beaches alongside clear water and good coral which encircles...


Hat Chao Mai National Park

Trang Must See

Hat Chao Mai National Park is vast national park (around 231,000 square kilometers) that includes Hat Chao Mai beach and Hat Chang Lang beach (where the park headquarters are situated). The west of the park features a range of limestone cliffs overlooking the sea. The cliffs provide entrance to Morakot Cave (known locally as ‘Tam Nam’...


Koh Phangan

Surat Thani Must See

Koh Phangan is famous for its “Full Moon Party” at Rin Beach. This well-known party is probably the biggest beach party on earth. Koh Phangan has two sister islands: the bigger Koh Samui to the south and the smaller Koh Tao to the north. The busiest time of the island is from November to March and in the month of August. The month of...


Naklua Beach

Pattaya Must See

Naklua is much smaller and more peaceful than its neighbors. The beach does not suffer from the mass development Pattaya Beach has experienced. The Pattaya municipality spent 1.8 million Baht on cleaning up the waters around Pattaya, and in Naklua.  It is now possible to see fish in the water. This makes bathing in the sea a genuine pleasure....



Prachuap Khiri Khan Must See

Pranburi features quiet and pristine beaches along the Gulf of Thailand. Pranburi is ideal for those who are looking for an unspoiled beach and an opportunity to explore the nearby Sam Roi Yod National Park. Pranburi is a quiet beach town. Located 30 kilometers south of Hua Hin, it is a popular destination for people who are looking for a quiet...


Railay Beach

Krabi Must See

Railay Beach is about ten minutes from Ao Nang by boat. The beach is a genuinely superb location with golden sand against a limestone cliff backdrop. Given that’s its chief attraction, more and more people are frequenting the beach, and it’s only a matter of time until Railay Beach becomes equally as busy!  Amongst other...


Rawai Beach

Phuket Must See

To the south, the palm-fringed Rawai Beach about 17 kilometres from town hosts Phuket ’s Chao Le people (sea gypsies). Several offshore islands have gleaming white beaches and dazzling underwater scenery which attract fishing enthusiasts and scuba-divers. How to get there: From Phuket Town follow the 4021 road south to Chalong Circle...


Laem Son National Park

Ranong Must See

Laem Son National Park is situated on the Andaman sea coast in Ranong and Phang Nga provinces. It also includes islands in the Andaman. The park was established on 19th August 1983. The park is the 12th Marine National Park of Thailand and is its 6th largest. Laem Son National Park covers an area of approximately 315 square kilometers. 


Koh Phayam

Ranong Must See

Koh Phayam is an island in Ranong Province, Thailand. Koh Phayam is the second largest Andaman Sea island off the coast of Ranong. Koh Phayam is widely thought to be one of the most beautiful and undiscovered of Thailand's islands. Koh Phayam has no roads. Tourists hire motorbikes and ride along the road to the resorts. They are mostly tourist islands and are pristine and quiet, relaxed, as opposed to Ko Samui or Ko Phangan. The two major bays are Ao Yai and Ao Khao Kwai (Buffalo bay). These bays have long curving white sandy beaches.


Lamai Beach

Koh Samui

Lamai Beach is smaller than Chaweng Beach. It is located 10 Km south of Chaweng on the east coast. It is quieter and less bustling than the buzzing Chaweng, but still with plenty of accommodation, dining and shopping options to be found, and some great spas and tourist sites to explore. And for those who enjoy playing in the waves, there is no reef protecting this bay, so the sea is a little rougher.


Ao Luk (Deep Bay)


There are around ten bays on the Surin Islands with great beaches. Ao Luk on the Southeast coast of Koh Surin Nua (Northern Surin Island) is probably the most visited. It has excellent waters and offers a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. The beach features shallow corals and an abundance of marine life making snorkeling and diving...


Ao Mae Yai


There are around ten bays on the Surin Islands with great beaches. Ao Mae Yai is probably the best known of them all. Located in the southwest of Surin Nua (Southern Surin Island), Ao Mae Yai has white sand and wonderfully calm, crystal-clear waters. Set against some dramatic scenery, this is an excellent location for swimming, snorkelling and...


Chicken Island


Famed for its crystal clear water and white sand beaches, Chicken Island (Koh Kai/Koh Hua Khwan) is located around 8 kilometers away from Ao Nang (Nang Shore).  It takes only 30 minutes by a longtail boat from Raileh Beach. The name of “Chicken Island” came from the strange rock formation that looks like a chicken’s head...


Coral Island


Coral Island (locally known as Koh Hae) is situated 9 kilometers off the southeast coast of Phuket Island. It’s a very popular destination which is only 15 minutes by boat from the southern end of Phuket Island. The island features two main beaches, Long Beach and Banana Beach. Coral Island has white sandy beach, crystal clear water and...


Hat Kalim Beach


Hat Kalim Beach is a quiet, attractive area that is far enough away to be away from it all, yet still close enough to the action to be fun. It is a small beach littered with rocks situated north of Patong Beach (Hat Kalim is actually a continuation of Patong and the beaches are separated by a rock formation going into the sea). The sea around the...


Hat Khao Lak


Hat Khao Lak , 32 kilometres from Takua Pa, is now an interesting destination for domestic and overseas tourists. It has an advantage of beautiful, long beach of Andaman Sea and green mountain of Khao Lak-Lamru National Park parallel to the coast. The accommodation of Takua Pa along Khao Lak and Bang Sak Beach are built in the original southern...


Hat Sai Kaew (Diamond Beach)


This beach is over a kilometre long and recognised as Koh Samet’s nicest. It is also the busiest! The beach is probably where the best nightlife happens on the island, with lots of restaurants playing videos, karaoke, bars you know the sort of thing! If you want to stay around the beach there is plenty of accommodation available, albeit a bit...


Hat Surin


About 24 kilometres from town is Hat Surin , which can be reached on Route No. 402. After reaching the Heroines Monument, turn left and proceed on for 12 kilometres. The beach borders on a hillside. To the north are groves of large pine trees and a golf course. Surin beach is not recommended for swimming because of its steepness and heavy seas and...


Kamala Beach


Hat Kamala Beach is located in Kamala Bay about 20 minutes north of Patong Beach. Over recent years the beach has matured into a resort meeting all the requirements of the modern tourist, but has not lost its original identity – like Kalim Beach, Kamala is substantially more relaxed than some of the other areas in Phuket. It is also a lot...


Karon Beach


Karon Beach is another exquisite Phuket beach. This is pretty much a stereotypical image of paradise – long beach, sand dunes, and palm trees alongside crystal clear water! Surprisingly, Karon Beach offers even more Unlike some of the other beaches on the island, Karon is not overdeveloped. Over the last few years a number of hotels and...


Koh Kaeo


Koh Kaeo is an offshore isle about 3 kilometres out from Rawai beach and can be reached in 30 minutes by boat. It offers picturesque beaches and underwater scenery. There is also a replica of the Holy Footprint on the island.


Koh Khrok


Some 8 kilometres off Pattaya Beach is Koh Khrok an isle almost totally surrounded by rock formations. A gap of 100 metres to the east is a stretch of sandy beach from which visitors can go to and enjoy viewing underwater coral reefs. This island can be reached by chartered boat from South Pattaya.


Koh Lan


Pattaya has a number of islands in its vicinity of which “Koh Lan” is the largest. The island is somewhat an extension of the mainland activities, featuring water sports such as diving snorkeling, windsurfing, waterskiing and para-sending. A key attraction is boats sailing around the island for sightseeing purposes. Some of the boats...


Koh Yao Islands


Being a district of Phang Nga province, Koh Yao consists of 44 small islands.  Among these islands, there are 2 main islands that are larger than the rest and where most of the population lives: Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi. Koh Yao Yai is twice size of Koh Yao Noi. The important pier, Loh Jaak Pier, is located on this island. The pier is used...


Suan Son Park


As Ban Phe is a port and the main exit point from the mainland to Koh Samet, many people miss the area’s charms and attractions. For instance, another short taxi trip will take you to Suan Son (’Pine’) Park, an area of extensive coastline and excellent white sandy beaches. It is a place locals favour for picnics because of its...


Ao Kai-Laem Tan


Ao Kai-Laem Tan a little cape beyond Laem Mae Phim to Klaeng District is rather quiet. Nearby is a small fisherman’s village, in which the main occupation is to pickle jellyfish. Seafood restaurant here is well known among the tourists. Travelling to Ko Man Klang, can be done by taking a speedboat from here.


Ao Mae Ramphung

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Ao Mae Ramphung This is a scenic bay in Amphoe Bang Saphan. Travel about 75 kms. south of Phrachuap Khiri Khan to Km. 399, turn left and continue for another 17 kilometres via Bang Saphan Market. Accommodation and seafood restaurants are available.


Ao Tan Khu


Ao Tan Khu is a bay with fine sandy beach popular with local people during holidays. It is 4 kilometres. Off Highway No. 3156 (Ban Saen Tung-Laem Ngop).


Hat Bang Sak


Hat Bang Sak , located in Tambon Bang Muang on Phetkasem Road, on the Thai Mueang - Takua Pa section, between Km.76-77 and going down a side road for another hundred metres. The beach of Bang Sak has clean white sand and stretches along a grove of shady pines. Accommodation and restaurant are available on the beach.


Hat Laem Charoen and Hat Sang Chan


Hat Laem Charoen and Hat Sang Chan are two excellent beaches that are in fact connected and in essence, one long beach. Hat Laem Charoen is only 5 kilometers from Rayong municipality and a seaside destination which is very popular with locals (who often come to sample to the seafood restaurants in the vicinity). Hat Saeng Chan is slightly further...


Koh Saket Petch


Koh Saket Petch is a small island off the coast of Rayong, approximately 15 minutes by boat from Bang Phe. Although accommodation is available on the island, it is limited. As a result, the waters around the island remain clear and the coral on the seabed impressive. How to get there: Boats on a regular schedule are available from Hat Sai Thong...


Laem Ka


Laem Ka , at the extreme southwest of Chalong Bay. Laem Ka is also is suitable for swimming.


Laem Mae Phim


Laem Mae Phim can be reach either from Sukhumvit Road taking a right turn at Km.259.5, 263 or 268, or continuing for a little over 1 kilometre from Wang Kaew on the beach road. It is popular site for relaxation and swimming. Beach stalls serve food and snacks.


Laem Sing


About one kilometre from Surin beach is Laem Sing which offers small but white sandy beach. To the left of the beach is a scenic rocky cape.

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